The Ideal Combo Set: TB-5 Forged & TB-7 Forged

The Ideal Combo Set: TB-5 Forged & TB-7 Forged

Development policy for Fourteen irons has been to unify the loft angle settings. The biggest advantage of unifying the loft pitch is that it is possible to achieve combo settings for irons that combine different models.

The forgiving TB-5 FORGED and the new TB-7 FORGED, which have the same loft pitch = number setting, enable an ideal combo setting.

In general, the loft angle of irons varies greatly depending on the characteristics of each model. For example, even with the same number, there is a large difference in flight distance performance between models, or a difference in loft pitch is small or large, and there is no firm standard. Fourteen has standardized the loft pitch for all iron products in order to simplify the complicated specification environment in the flight distance performance of irons that has been affected by the recent strong.


TB-5 FORGED (#7)
Center of gravity height/18.8mm
Center of gravity distance/37.4mm
Center of gravity depth/3.8mm
Moment of inertia/2131g・㎠(#5)


TB-7 FORGED (#7)
Center of gravity height/18.9mm
Center of gravity distance/38.1mm
Center of gravity depth/3.9mm
Moment of inertia/2071g・㎠(#5)

TB-5 FORGED and TB-7 FORGED have a center of gravity design that does not cause any discomfort as a combo setting. On top of that, by adopting the semi-large head TB-5 FORGED for middle to long counts, it is possible to emphasize forgiveness with the offset of the gooseneck, and the compact head TB-7 FORGED is used in the middle. By adopting the short count, you can emphasize the operability of the line with the straight neck. It is possible to further emphasize the functionality required for the count.

Combo settings for irons are becoming commonplace on tour. And so far, various manufacturers have recommended it. However, since the loft angle and number settings were not standardized for each model, it was not simple at all, such as two of the same number in the setting, or the loft pitch could not be determined, and above all, general golfers was not easy to put into practice. Fourteen was the first to solve the current situation. By unifying the loft pitch and emphasizing the individuality of trajectory (functionality) for each product, we propose the optimal model that each golfer truly needs. “Provide the best 14 golfers to all golfers”. With the launch of the TB-7 FORGED, we were able to take a big step forward in realizing the ideal that Fourteen is aiming for.


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