Next Level Theater Blade: TB-7 Reviewed by Hiroichiro Yoshida

Next Level Theater Blade: TB-7 Reviewed by Hiroichiro Yoshida

Since its release, I have been using TB-5 FORGED habitually. Thanks to the epoch-making thick structure of the back face called "Theater Blade", the softness of the hitting feeling is wonderful even though it is a semi-large head. When I started using it, I was surprised that the soft iron forged iron could have such a wide range of functions. 

Hiroichiro Yoshida is a golf swing researcher who learned the method directly from 80 people, including the top 50 instructors in the United States, and earned more than 20 lesson skill qualifications. He is the PGA Champions Tour commentator for Golf Network. 

TB-5 FORGED is forgiving, however, I also wanted a little operability (straight neck x compact head). The long-awaited TB-7 FORGED was the embodiment of selfishness.

A beautiful head that doesn't overemphasize functionality is comfortable throughout the shot routine.

I have been waiting for the appearance of TB-7 FORGED. While I felt the benefits of the semi-large head and gooseneck offset of the TB-5 FORGED, I wanted the feeling of controlling the ball even more. (There must be many athletes and advanced players who feel the same).

The softness of the "hit feeling" is the same as the muscle back. Experts who prefer soft iron forged irons should be able to link with the feeling of manipulating the ball.

Subjectivity aside, the TB-7 FORGED is a well-balanced iron that goes right in the middle of all irons, as its slogan says, "not too forgiving, not too difficult." For athletes and experts (this applies to me as well), the performance is not too forgiving that it takes away operability and the best response to improve accuracy. All golfers can aim to improve their score by improving their iron shot skills. The more compact head form makes the thickness effect of the "Theater Blade" stand out more, and I'm fascinated by the forgiveness that feels just right with the feel and operation that feels like a muscle back.

With my favorite TB-5 FORGED, it is a combo setting ideal.

I heard that the loft setting is standardized for several models of Fourteen's irons. Ideal combo setting is possible by eliminating the gap in flight distance performance that occurs for each model (loft setting). I was one of those who agreed with the development intention.

#5: 23 degrees
#6: 26 degrees
#7: 30 degrees
#8: 34 degrees
#9: 38 degrees
#P: 42 degrees
The forgiving “TB-5 FORGED” and the new “TB-7 FORGED” have the same count x loft angle setting.

This is because the combo setting of irons is now commonplace on the PGA Tour, and various manufacturers have been strongly recommending it on an ongoing basis, but in reality, the loft angle and number setting are standardized for each model. Because it is not set, it is not simple that the same number is duplicated in the setting and the loft pitch is not fixed. Fourteen was the first to solve it.

``TB-5 FORGED'' and ``TB-7 FORGED'', which are made of the same material and have the same structure, are an ideal combo setting.

The new "TB-7 FORGED" is made of the same material (S20C soft iron forging), and has excellent combo setting compatibility with the "TB-5 FORGED", which has the same theater blade structure. . For long to middle irons, we chose the forgiving ``TB-5 FORGED'' to demonstrate high trajectory, and for middle to short irons, we chose the ``TB-7 FORGED'', which emphasizes operability to aim more accurately. , Each golfer can combine the best according to power and skill.

For long to middle irons, you want to give priority to forgiveness such as ease of launching the ball and good grip.
Recommended model → "TB-5 FORGED"
You can emphasize your forgiveness with the performance of the offset and larger sole.

For middle to short irons, you want to give priority to distance and directional accuracy by suppressing grip.
Recommended model → "TB-7 FORGED"
You can emphasize the line and operability with a straight neck, little offset.

These days, long, middle, and short iron sets are designed specifically for each count according to a clear purpose. I have no doubt you will. If you are a golfer like me who loves the TB-5 FORGED, I would like you to try the new TB-7 FORGED while keeping in mind the combination of middle to short numbers. I'm sure you can easily imagine the enhancement of iron shots.

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