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    There’s only one reason a world-class golfer plays equipment from a company most had never heard of – it’s demonstrably better.

    MyGolf Spy 
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    These are absolutely beautiful.

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    An internal debate that I find myself having is what characteristic is better, the looks or the feel.

    The Hacker's Paradise 
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    At impact, the TB-5 irons feel incredible. The sensation of a forged iron trapping the golf ball against turf, followed by a sweet percussive sound is one of golf’s most pleasurable, and which the TB-5’s deliver.

    Golf Unfiltered 
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    The Fourteen RM4 wedge is one sharp tool around the green.  It looks great, performs well and has some great lines.  The sharp leading edge will slide under the ball easily, while the grooves grip the cover for excellent spin.

    Independent Golf Reviews 
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    Fourteen Golf’s new forged RM4 wedges are simple in design yet every detail is carefully crafted.  These look and feel like a boutique wedge with enough spin and consistent control to get your short game going.

    Plugged In Golf 
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