TB-7 Forged Irons Development Story

TB-7 Forged Irons Development Story

The commitment of development manager Takayasu Kurosawa evolved the "Theater Blade". TB-5 Forged technology applied to a compact head, further deepening the strength of soft iron forging.

The back face of "TB-7 FORGED" is precision forged, and its surface is scratch-resistant to maintain its beauty.

I'm Kurosawa, in charge of development. The TB-5 FORGED has achieved the combination of the feel and function of a soft iron forged iron with a unique “Theater Blade” that escapes from the cavity structure.

Clubs called irons have different functional roles depending on the head material and structure. With a composite head structure that combines various materials, it is possible to specialize in performance that is mainly excellent in flight distance by producing resilience and trajectory higher than the size of the head. At the other end of the spectrum are soft iron forged irons, which are made from pure iron. They simply provide a softer hitting feel, and the feel of the ball sticking to the face is directly conveyed to the hand for fine ball control. available for golfers. The new TB-7 FORGED is a soft forged iron that corresponds to the latter, and as a total performance, we aimed to be "right in the middle" of all irons.

The TB-7 FORGED has a surplus weight that was created as a compact head, emphasizing the change in the thickness of the "Theater Blade", realizing a softer and core feel of a soft iron forged iron.

TB-7 FORGED has a head size that is neither too small nor too large, a neck shape that is neither too straight nor too goose offset, and a sole width that is neither too narrow nor too wide to enable moderate sole contact. I was particular about the good balance of going in the middle and the beauty of the form. And the core of the function is Fourteen's "Theater Blade". By changing the thickness of the back face from the center to the periphery like a theater, we have achieved the optimum center of gravity position and the maximum moment of inertia for each head size. With a compact head, we were able to emphasize the change in wall thickness, and as a result, we were able to achieve a soft hitting feel equivalent to that of a muscle back.

TB-7 FORGED promises performance that allows a wide range of golfers to improve their iron shots. For athletes and experienced golfers, the balance of performance and superb response, which is not too offset or forgiving, creates a sharper sense of aiming (pins), and the tolerance and superb hitting that is not too difficult for intermediate players who are aiming to climb. In response, it boosts the iron shot skill itself.

"Not too forgiving as a tool, not too difficult." Please enjoy the superb response of the evolved version of "Theater Blade" installed in TB-7 FORGED, which goes "in the middle" of all irons.

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