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Fourteen Golf

Wholesale PC-3 Game Improvement Irons Head Only

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Now available in North America. Designed to help moderate swing speed players score lower while still achieving the Fourteen Feel. 

Play the most forgiving Fourteen experience while launching it higher and farther. Designed to help moderate swing speed players score lower while still achieving the Fourteen Feel.

In the past, all golf clubs were heavy and difficult to swing, and it was difficult to use them unless you were a powerful player. The PC-3 changes that. It is a full-scale club that is effortless for anyone to swing and hit without any special power.


Game Improvement

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW

30 degrees



Players with moderate swing speeds (<90MPH), or anyone seeking effortless distance and forgiveness.

All PC-3 Sets are built custom.


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Custom Shipping Estimates

Shipping Estimates: The days quoted below are estimates of when clubs will leave our distribution center. FedEx will deliver your order in the timeframe you select at checkout.

Custom Builds to leave warehouse: Estimated 20 Business Days from Order
All Custom Builds are subject to flux inventory from shaft and grip companies which can cause delays. We always do our best to get your clubs to you asap.
After 24 Hours, CUSTOM Orders cannot be canceled. CUSTOM orders cannot be returned even unused.

Shipping everywhere in North America and Europe. 
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Head: C450 (# 5 ~ # 9), SUS630 (P) / Tungsten mounted on sole (# 5 ~ # 8)

Finish: Nickel chrome plated / mirror finish


Recommended for club head speeds less than 40m / s (90mph)

Since the boundary line of the loft where the average golfer can raise the ball is 30 °, set it to # 7/30 ° to pursue ease of use in competition. Also, by widening the loft pitch, you can firmly create stairs at a distance.

* The above head speed is the value for the driver.

The recommended head speed is a guide, so there are individual differences. Thank you for your understanding.

It is no exaggeration to say that the function of the sole is responsible for the fact that the ball can be hit firmly even with unstable swings and impacts like a professional. Forgiveness achieved.

PC-3 has developed the "Crescent Ridge Sole" that corrects duffing at impact by creating a surface that receives the ground on the leading edge side and reduces variation in distance and optimizes accuracy.

The change in the sole from pervious was a necessary evolution for Fourteen irons in order to functionalize the forgiving irons that general amateur golfers need to compete.

Fourteen has a sole-shaped technology that has been repeatedly researched and developed with models developed for each target for about 20 years from "MT-28". The evolution of the sole realized by "PC-3" is based on the know-how cultivated in the wedge. Crescent Ridge Sole was developed with the know-how of wedges like Fourteen's DJ-5.

The sole surface that was scraped off from the toe to the heel on the leading edge side is grass. It has a resistance to resistance, that is, a bounce effect, and is very strong against duffing.