PC-3 for the Amateur Golfer

PC-3 for the Amateur Golfer

Pursuing functions to overcome and step up for the amateur golfer. New Feather Line from Fourteen.

Although Fourteen may be internationally know for tour forged irons, the "PC-3" iron is for amateur golfers with head speeds less than 40 m / s (90mph).

It is a new work that embodies effortlessness and forgiveness.

Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi who cooperated with the trial impression of "PC-3" and Ikeda, who is in charge of the product.

Fourteen's new impression?
I was worried whether we could do it, but ...

This time, the target player of "PC-3" were Mr. and Mrs. Hiroshi Takahashi (average score 80, golf history 35 years) and Fuyuno (average score 95, golf history 12 years). What they both have in common is that they want to choose a club that suits their current physical strength.

"Because my age, the head speed will drop. At that time, I want to enjoy golf at a club that feels easy to hit."

Jun Ikeda, who is in charge of product planning at Fourteen, explains the feeling of "easy to hit" that Mr. Takahashi talks about.

"Especially for amateur golfers with head speeds up to 40 m / s (89mph), it is necessary to have a performance that is" easy to hit "and" easy to swing "when it is functionalized in a club. For senior golfers like Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi, it is the essential to reduce the weight of the club. The new "PC-3" has been thoroughly pursued in the lightweight category, which was not covered by Fourteen's products so far."

Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi said that the Fourteen club is using wedges, but they felt that they were athletes and unsuitable for other products, but they actually tried the "PC-3" and understood it. At first glance, they felt the "forgiveness" that was different from the impression they had in mind, such as the club head of Semirage and the lightness of the weight.

"I was worried about the trial impression of Fourteen's new iron, is it okay for us?", But I was immediately relieved that "PC-3" would work well. "

Please take a look at the impressions while superimposing the golf life and club feeling that you are walking on.


Average score 80, golf history 35 years / HS39m / s / Hiroshi Takahashi's trial hit feeling:

"For me, who works on weekdays and enjoys four rounds a month, I want to use a golf club that is as easy as possible. It is a condition that the golf club has a weight range that matches your current physical strength.

I have always used Fourteen irons, but the impression that "PC-3" is a little different from the tour-like model of the same manufacturer. The club weight of the semi-mirror head and lightweight belt clearly conveys the forgiveness.

The trajectory is surprisingly stable according to the impression. I tried it with "FT-50i carbon" installed, but the timing is easy and the swinging comfort is light. I was worried about the sense of distance, but it's easy to get used to the feeling I've had so far. Many of the latest irons have excessive strong lofts, and honestly, even the 7th iron was difficult to hit. After all, I want to aim for the 7 iron as the lowest iron. For me, the loft setting of "PC-3" is just right, and I could feel the gentleness of stability at a flight distance of about 150 yards.

The "PC-3" was surprisingly forgiving, but what is unique to Fourteen is the beauty of the club. I was once again impressed with the fact that the manufacturing policy did not change. And in the future, by being able to try out the "PC-3", I was able to gain a new awareness that it would be okay to challenge a club with a lighter weight category."

The reason why the distance is stable.

"PC-3" is No. 7 with a loft of 30 degrees, and we are particular about the loft design aiming for ease of hitting as an iron. In addition, the loft pitch is set so that the flight distance of the count can be obtained firmly up to PW 44 degrees, and the stairs of the flight distance of the club setting are idealized.

Mrs. Takahashi impression: 

"Due to the influence of everyone who usually attends workshops, irons use men's models. The iron I'm using now is a typical model for amateur golfers, but I felt that the "PC-3" was extremely easy to swing even when compared to the clubs I was accustomed to. By choosing the spec (FT-40i carbon) that suits you for the weight type of the shaft, it is a mistake to think that "PC-3" is a friendly club that even ladies like me could not fully use it. 

What surprised me was that the ball flew firmly even though I thought I had missed a shot. The club picked up the ball well even with a slightly duffy shot, and I felt the forgiveness of the club.

What I want from an iron is a club where the ball gently rises, falls from the top with a stone, and stops. I feel that "PC-3" is a club that is close to my ideal. The day will come when you can use the same irons as your husband ... I felt that the versatility was high, and that the "easiness of swinging" that Fourteen was particular about was all-purpose for us amateur golfers."

Even if you miss a hit
The reason why it flies easily

"PC-3" adopts "Crescent Ridge Sole" that gives tolerance to the impact from the top of the turf. By shaving the sole on the leading edge side in the toe-heel direction, a bounce effect is created, and the goodness of the head coming off is creates that forgiveness amateurs are looking for.


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