Draft of Raw Wedge Care Article

Draft of Raw Wedge Care Article

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Learn how to care for rusted wedges.

The person who taught me was my senior, Takayasu Kurosawa from the Club Planning and Development Department.

Care goods available at your local supermarket

――As was the case with the “MT-28” that once dominated the world, unplated wedges became popular anyway. In recent years when plating specifications have become common, it has been re-focused as "no plating is more advantageous for spin" and there is a tendency to return. At FOURTEEN, "RM Custom Wedge" is compatible with no plating, but it is very fine and difficult to maintain.

Mr. Kurosawa: If you play on a rainy day, the entire head will rust at a tremendous speed, and if you leave it alone, it will rust due to humidity. Even though I bought it as a new product, there are many customers who have had the experience of being shocked to see the rusted wedge in an instant.

――Because it is destined to be a non-plated wedge that is not plated to prevent rust.

Mr. Kurosawa: Unexpectedly, it is not known, but there is an easy way to clean rusted wedges using familiar everyday items available at supermarkets and 100-yen shops, so I will introduce it at Mr. Takeuchi's corner this time. I will.


At a supermarket or 100-yen shop near you

Please purchase scrubbing brush and nail polish remover!

・ Generally, a nylon scrubbing brush for washing dishes is OK, and a scrubbing brush with slightly rough eyes is strong.

-Use fine steel wool scrubbing brushes for black-dyed wedges.

・ Nail polish remover is used to remove stains on the surface.

1. Clean the wedge

    First, clean the wedge surface. It is convenient to use a turtle scrubbing brush.

    After that, moisten the gauze cloth or tissue with nail polish remover and carefully wipe the surface.

    2. Remove rust with a nylon scrubbing brush
    Cut the nylon scrubbing brush to an appropriate size.

    * Caution: Direction to scrape off rust
    The surface of the wedge is hairlined to make small scratches less noticeable. Let's scrape off the rust along the eyes. The sole surface and back face are in the toe-heel direction.

    * Caution: Apply force toward the leading edge and scrape off.

    The face surface is perpendicular to the score line

    The spin performance of the scoreline is mainly played by the upper edge, so when rubbing with a scrubbing brush, use the opposite procedure of sawing, and apply force only when pushing it downward.

    * Caution: Protect the hosel part with tape.

    The neck part is in the outer peripheral direction

    3. After scraping off the rust, wipe it off with nail polish remover ... Completed!

    Depending on the degree of dirt, the rusted wedge will be reborn in about 30 minutes. If you are using a non-plated wedge, please give it a try.



    Finished with rust preventive lubricant

    The key to making it last longer is to coat the wedge surface with the familiar "items" that are used to remove rust, and it may contribute to rust prevention.

    * An oil film is formed by items such as rust preventive lubricants, so when wiping it off, wipe it thoroughly, especially on the face surface.

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