Fourteen Golf Wedge Technology

Fourteen Golf Wedge Technology

The secret to hitting the longest drive is generating ball speed. At this point it isn't even a secret any more. The ability to produce high ball speeds is part of what separates the top level golfer and the average amateur golfer.

Wedge shots on the other hand, especially as you get closer to the green do not require a high ball speed. In this range the professional golfer and average amateur are on an equal playing field. We are able to conclude that it is not a matter of power and/or body build difference, but it is a contrast in the way the club makes contact with the ball and/or the way the ball is struck; as a result, these vital differences let us have a better perspective and understanding in analyzing the ways wedges create spin.

A lot of our Fourteen wedges have a higher bounce on the heel portion, because when you open the face to hit, believe it or not it is actually the toe portion that hits the ball first, not the sole portion. To increase the bounce on the heel portion lets golfers feel the sole and will allow them to hit the ball in a consistent manner for each hit.

Our wedges feature a reverse taper design of the club head and have been since 2009. This, "Reverse Muscle Design" concept positions the CG higher than traditionally designed wedges, creating higher spin and better trajectory control. In incorporating the "Reverse Taper,"
the topline is milled thinner for a more pleasing profile.

At Fourteen, we mirror mill each groove in our wedges. This takes a long time, and the payoff is worth that investment. The grooves feature optimal spin control, meaning more accurate shots and fewer missed greens. Having the tightest tolerance for flatness means the spin generated is consistent across the face.

Our wedges feature, USGA conforming, proprietary trapezoidal grooves. These uniquely shaped grooves enhance spin retention particularly on partial shots and perform well in both dry and wet conditions.

We offer a full range of custom options for the new RM-4 wedges to optimize this technology for each player. 

Read more Behind the design of the All New RM-4 Wedge from Development Department Manager Hiroyuki Suzuki.

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