The Hacker’s Paradise RM-4 Wedge Review

The Hacker’s Paradise RM-4 Wedge Review

“An internal debate that I find myself having is what characteristic is better, the looks or the feel. Fourteen has a history of forging irons and wedges, and without sparking a debate on cast vs. forged, these wedges feel soft. Compared to some other wedges in my bag, they are more muted at impact, which helps generate that velvety sensation. If you genuinely believe that a forged club will feel softer than a cast club, the RM4 will help back up your point of view. Those feelings also came into play when looking at the quality of the strike, as there is more than enough feedback to know just how well the shot will turn out.

One of the significant trends in recent wedge design has been how companies shift the weight within the head. By discovering ways to push mass in certain areas, equipment manufacturers can help dial in the center of gravity and boost the MOI properties. For the RM4, Fourteen has gone with a Step Blade design, which is very visible to show the location of the mass in each clubhead. This Step Blade design varies depending on the loft of the wedge. More mass is positioned near the toe section for the lower lofts (46°-54°), with the theory that these clubs are more for full swings. By pushing the center of gravity out more towards the toe, the clubhead will offer increased stability. With the higher lofts (56°-60°), that extra weight is pushed closer to the heel, therefore improving feel and control for those ever-important touch shots around the green. “

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