Lovers Fourteen - Tech Leaders Meet Golf

Lovers Fourteen - Tech Leaders Meet Golf


Top executives of IT companies talk about their golf efforts and experience with Fourteen. Geechs Co., Ltd. CEO Toshito Sonehara and executive officer Shogo Kawano. 

* Geechs Co., Ltd.
Focusing on the IT human resources business that matches IT freelancers and companies, we will develop new technologies such as games, game business that develops and operates apps, SeedTech business that operates programming schools and offshore development, and VR / AR / MR / hologram. We are developing an x-Tech business that provides video production utilizing utilization, development and operation of services specialized in golf, and digital marketing support. Operates "Gridge", a golf information site for beginner golfers and female golfers.

It was the start of golf
Compulsory education in Japanese society? !!

Both Mr. Sonehara and Mr. Kawano are passionate about golf, but the reason they started playing golf was because their boss "did it". It was a forcible start for each other to make their golf debut as a new member of society about 20 years ago.

Mr. Sonehara: Since my father loved golf, I played in the driving range since I was a child. I became a new member of society and started playing golf again, but to be honest, I was just "just doing" at that time. Of course, it doesn't work from the beginning, and it's never fun. As soon as I was busy with work, I naturally retired.

Mr. Kawano: I feel the same. About 20 years ago, when I was a trading company, my seniors told me to learn golf anyway, and there was "compulsory education for society. Relationship with everyone I used to go to the practice field a lot so that I wouldn't bother with golf, but at that point I didn't really get into it until I got hooked.

Toshito Sonehara, CEO of Geechs Co., Ltd., plans to use "TB-5 Forged" habitually. "Stylish with good feel and tolerance. In the future, I would like to combine short irons with a conventional model based on" TB-5 Forged ". Combo setting that can be done because the loft setting is unified. I'm looking forward to it. 

(The TB-5 irons are completely sold out in Japan but available in North America and Europe. Purchase Here.)

With the passage of time and the position
I have more time to concentrate on golf ...

In the era when the compliance term power harassment did not exist, the case where golf was started by "compulsory education of society" may have been experienced by many generations in their 40s and above. It took a long time to settle. In the sport of golf, the skill level gained through various plays is the essence of being able to experience the joy, but it is an issue for the golf world to establish a rapidly increasing number of young people as a sport that can be enjoyed even in the terrible corona. How could they get hooked on golf?

Mr. Sonehara: While preparing to list the previous company, my friends invited me to "go golf!" To take a break from my hard days, which was a chance to renew my club. It's been five years since I woke up to golf. I had a little time at the current company, my friends started playing golf, and I was able to improve a little. Now it's essential to have two rounds a week.

Mr. Kawano: I was completely restarted by the corona wreck. The time I used to meet and go out for drinks was completely cut off, and golf was in the limelight if I didn't get close. Since I was also involved in the golf business, I feel that the club has started anew at once. Communication through golf is very valuable for 50 to 60 rounds a year, and I am really enjoying the time I can spend a day with myself both physically and mentally.

Mr. Shogo Kawano, Executive Officer of Geechs Co., Ltd., is using "IF-700 Forged" habitually. "An iron that can be used as a weapon with a powerful trajectory. The functionality that is never too forgiving is a reliable iron that can be used habitually for a long time and can be used together to improve skills."

The functional beauty of Fourteen
Good matching with golfers who have a desire to improve

Let's talk about the encounter with Fourteen. How does the manufacturer Fourteen look like to the management team that supports the IT world now?

Mr. Sonehara: I have mainly used overseas brands so far. As with the surroundings, overseas brands in particular have an overwhelmingly high usage rate of wood. Among them, the impression I had for a long time with the maker Fourteen was that it was a "wedge maker". However, last year, "TB-5 Forged" became a hot topic, and when I paid attention to it, it turned out to be a comprehensive manufacturer again. We are also actively collaborating on supplies, and the design based on the feathers is simple and I like it very much.

Mr. Kawano: I also had a strong impression that Fourteen was a "wedge maker." However, the golfers around me said that "functional beauty is Fourteen", and when I checked the lineup again, all the gears were in place. In particular, there are many products that emphasize forgiveness for amateur golfers, and I felt that it was a brand that had an affinity for me as I was aiming to improve.

Mr. Sonehara: For the generation that actively engages in golf, including myself, I feel that Fourteen is a good match. One reason is that this generation really cares about how it looks (laughs). I feel that the simple design is functionally beautiful, stylish, and a brand that matches the needs of our generation.

Mr. Kawano Since I enjoy playing golf, I think it is the psychology of our generation of golfers that I want to insist on a unified feeling with a theme for all the golf items I use. It's not too flashy and has promised features ... The Fourteen brand has a high affinity for the needs of our generation. I would like to actively promote it to golfers who do not know Fourteen yet.

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