Inside Matt Kuchar’s golf bag: 7 things I noticed while inspecting his clubs Inside Matt Kuchar’s golf bag: 7 things I noticed while inspecting his clubs

"Rather than simply switching into the latest products that hit the market, Kuchar takes his time getting new technology into the bag. For the 43-year-old Bridgestone staffer who’s won nine times on the PGA Tour, that means he uses clubs throughout his bag from all different years.


Ahead of the 2021 RSM Classic at Sea Island, I was able to take in-hand photos of all his clubs (and got a putting lesson from him, which you can hear more on our recent Fully Equipped podcast). Below, I discuss the 7 most interesting things I found in the bag.


Kuchar is known more for his consistency than his distance, and he stacks the top-end of his bag with clubs that help provide him more speed, height and forgiveness. In addition to a driver, Kuchar uses a 3-wood, 5-wood, two different hybrids and a game-improvement 4-iron. This is a great example for amateur golfers to emulate with their bag setups, especially for those who don’t create enough speed and height to hold greens from long distances.


As discussed in my recent deep dive into Davis Love III’s gear setup, fitting shafts individually into each of your club heads is incredibly important since each club is different. Don’t assume that just because one shaft model or brand fits into your short irons that it’s right for your long irons and wedges.

Along those same lines, Kuchar uses AeroTech SteelFiber shafts in his irons, then switches into KBS Tour shafts in his wedges. If you’re noticing that your golf ball is launching too low or too high, that could be a telltale sign that it’s time to try out different shafts.

Additionally, long irons, since they’re a bit more difficult to launch high and create enough spin, work better with slightly lighter and softer-flex shafts. For himself, Kuchar uses a SteelFiber i95 shaft in his Fourteen Golf 4-iron, whereas he uses a slightly heavier and stronger SteelFiber i110 CW (constant weight) shaft in his J15 CB iron set."

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