Golf Unfiltered REVIEW: Fourteen Golf TB-5 Irons

Golf Unfiltered REVIEW: Fourteen Golf TB-5 Irons

An excerpt from the new review of TB-5 Forged Irons from Golf Unfiltered:

"Having been a fan of Fourteen Golf for years — wishing they would come out with new products, faster — I admittedly went into this review with high expectations. There’s nothing that feels better than a well-designed, soft steel set of forged irons.

The Fourteen Golf TB-5 irons are exactly that, and more.

At impact, the TB-5 irons feel incredible. The sensation of a forged iron trapping the golf ball against turf, followed by a sweet percussive sound is one of golf’s most pleasurable, and which the TB-5’s deliver. You almost don’t feel the golf ball when hit squarely in the center, which is a testament to the S20C steel used for each iron. It’s hard to name another iron that feels better than the TB-5’s.

In terms of distance and forgiveness, these irons are exactly what you expect from their category. Off-center strikes lose a decent amount of distance, but dispersion was still within reason and not too punitive. I’m in the camp of players who want to know when they made a poor swing, providing me feedback on how to improve. Golf is as much a game of constant learning and improvement as it is skill and repetition, and the TB-5’s protect this enjoyable element of the game.

When struck pure, the irons were similar in distance to my gamers. For example, I usually carry a 7-iron 160 yards, and the TB-5’s provided this yardage without difficulty. While they are slightly on the “stronger loft” side of the spectrum, I didn’t notice any abnormally long distance jumps from the irons… and that’s a positive thing. Irons are meant for precision, and you don’t necessarily want a distance surprise you weren’t expecting.


I was incredibly impressed by the Fourteen Golf TB-5 irons. Everything from their look, design, feel and performance were absolutely fantastic, and I could easily game these immediately. While there wasn’t an individual feature that screamed “better” than what I currently play, it’s safe to say that any golfer who tries these irons will fall in love after the first swing."

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