Development Story TB-5 Forged Irons

Development Story TB-5 Forged Irons

Combining feel and forgiveness. 
An extreme new shape, Theater blade.

Introducing the development process and performance of the new iron shape and theater blade, soft iron forged iron "TB-5 Forged", which will be released April 2021 throughout North America.

The biggest merit of soft iron forged irons made of a single material is that you can pursue the feel of hitting. The softness of pure iron conveys from the impact to the hand has the power to promote performance improvement of iron shots. There is no doubt that the soft "feel" is an indispensable factor when choosing an iron, especially for highly skilled golfers.

In order to meet such needs, FOURTEEN has been pioneering the development of the 5 series of Semirage heads, which are made of soft forged iron made of a single material and are particular about forgiveness, under the will of the founder Takamitsu Takebayashi.

We have responded to the needs of golfers who want both functionality and feeling, as well as the precise center of gravity design that we are most known for. However, in developing the latest model of the 5 series soft iron forged irons, one hypothesis was raised by the team.

Softness of hitting = Face wall thickness

The theme was to pursue a softer feel with the 5 Series, which is a gentle semi-rage head.

The hint was the muscle back shape, which is the peak of the softness of impact feeling. The decisive difference between muscle back and cavity is the thickness of the wall at the hitting point.

The muscle back, which is composed of a solid mass of iron, shows that the thickness of the hitting point is directly linked to the softness of the impact feeling. The TB-5 shape to be conceived came from a new idea that we could combine feel and forgiveness. 

Theater blade beyond the cavity, "TB-5 Forged".

After repeated trial and error, the conclusion reached was a composite form of a muscle back of feeling and a cavity of forgiveness. By eliminating the step in the cavity and allowing the face thickness to flow like in a theater, we were able to control the vibration and center of gravity transmitted to the hand. The "TB-5 Forged" "Theater Blade" has been completed, which combines the soft feel that veteran golfers demand for soft iron forging with the ease which the ball rises.

While emphasizing the forgiveness with the semi-mirror head, it has a shape with a distinctive sharpness, It is exactly a "sheep with a wolf skin".

At FOURTEEN, the idea that is not bound by common sense has always been the theme of the company since its inception. And in product development, we clearly define the target golfer and promise to pursue accurate performance that is close to the golf style and play scene.

The new work "TB-5 Forged" is a masterpiece that brings together the themes that Fourteen emphasizes. We promise to provide the needs of veteran golfers who want to combine softness and forgiveness with iron shots with an unprecedented level of perfection. Please enjoy the taste of the new shape while paying attention to the novel design that has never been seen before.

Outfit your entire bag or fill in with a single club. The TB-5 Irons are available for purchase now. 

Want to try before you buy? Our team has just launched a Demo Direct Program

Here’s how it works.

We send you a 7iron to try for 14days with a return label. You pay for 1iron $199.99 +shipping, then the cost of the iron is refunded to you upon return of the club. After payment is received, we will ship out your set within 3 business days. You will receive a shipping confirmation.

If you find you’re ready to purchase an entire set after, please return the demo and we will coordinate the purchase of your set or select clubs.

Interested? Email us or hit the chat button to get started. 

Learn more about Fourteen Golf process through the new RM-4 Wedge & Science of "Wedge Fourteen".

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